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Vol. 11, no. 1   No Longer Available

Donald V. Peru, “The Distribution of Fluted Points in the Counties of Kent and Allegan, MI”

Olaf H. Prufer, “The McKibben Site (33TR-57), Trumbull County Ohio: A Contribution to the Late Paleo-Indian and Archaic Phases of Ohio.”

Leonard Griffin, “The 1964 Michigan Archaeological Society Fall Workshop.”

Vol. 11, no 2 No Longer Available

Alan McPherron, “Ionic Removal of Corrosion from Copper”

Harvey Franz, “Glazed Crockery Pipes.”

Martin H. Wobst, “The Stone School Site: A Discussion of a Large Surface Collection from Washtenaw County, MI”


Frameworks for Dating Fossil Man by Kenneth P. Oakley, (JELINEK)

An Anthropological Bibliography of the Eastern Seaboard by Alfred K Guthe and Patricia B Kelly (Editors)

Late Woodland Cultures of Southeastern Michigan by James E. Fitting (WAHLA) 

Vol. 11, no. 3/4 No Longer Available


Eloise Kerlin Jelinek, "Introduction."

Arthur J. Jelinek, "The Upper Paleolithic and the Peopling of the New World."

William B. Roosa, "Some Great Lakes Fluted Point Types."

James E. Fitting, "Observations on Paleo-Indian Adaptive and Settlement Patterns."

Elman R. Service, "Lithic Patina as an Age Criterion."

James B. Griffin, "Hopewell and the Dark Black Glass."

Ronald J. Mason, "Wisconsin Middle Woodland Toggle Head Harpoons."

George I. Quimby, "An Indian Earthwork in Muskegon County, Michigan."

Volney H. Jones, "The Bark of the Bittersweet Vine as an Emergency Food among the Indians of the Western Great Lakes Region."

Robert E. Ackerman, "Art or Magic: The Incised Pebbles from Southern Alaska."

Bibliography of Emerson F. Greenman, 1925-1964.

Index to Volume 11.

Vol. 12, no. 1 – June 1966 No Longer Available

David S. Brose, “The Valley Sweets Site, 20 SA 24, Saginaw County Michigan”

Volney Jones, “Two Textiles from the Valley Sweets Site”

William B. Roosa, “The Warner School Site.”

Albert Dekin Jr., “A Fluted Point from Grand Traverse County”

Edward J. Wahla, “The Rubicon Site, Huron County Michigan”


Paleo-American History by Alan Lyle Bryan (ROOSA)

Paleo-Indian Culture in Kentucky by Martha Ann Rolingson (FITTING)

 Hopewellian Studies edited by Joseph R. Caldwell and Robert L Hall (FLANDERS)

The McGraw Site: A Study in Hopewellian Dynamics by Olaf H. Prufer (PRAHL)

Men of Ancient Iowa by Marshall McKusick (HAGGE)

Vol. 12, no. 2 – June 1966 No Longer Available

Sidney Harrison, “The Shmidt Site (20SA 192) Saginaw County Michigan”

Carole L. Crumley, “Field Geology of the Schmidt Site”

April L. Allison, “Analysis of Plant Remains from the Schmidt Site”

Charles E. Cleland and Joan Kearney, “An Analysis of the Animal Remains from the Schmidt Site”

Richard G Wilkinson, “A Buriel from Manchester, Michigan”

Patrick J. Munson and Robert Hall, “An Early Woodland Radiocarbon Date from Illinois”

David S. Brose, “Excavations in Fort Mackinac, 1965”


The Native Americans, Spencer, Jennings (THATCHER)

The Archaeology of New York State, Ritchie (FITTING)

Archaeology and the Historical Society, Harrington, (PETERSEN)

Studies in the Natural Radioactivity of Prehistoric Materials, Jelinel and Fitting, (MOLL)

Vol. 12, no. 3 - September 1966 No Longer Available

Olaf H. Prufer, Oriol Pi-Sunyer, and Douglas H. McKenzie, "The Hopewellian Sun Chiefs Strike Again."

Patrick J. Munson, "The Sheets Site: A Late Archaic-Early Woodland Occupation in West-Central Illinois."

Ronald L. Vanderwal, "Fort Michilimackinac: Dating Techniques."

James B. Griffin, "The Calumet Ancient Pit."


The Lively Complex: Preliminary Report on a Pebble Tool Industry in Alabama. Lively.

The Lively Complex: Discussion of the ABC's of this Technology. Josselyn.

The Lively Complex: Plates for Lively and Josselyn Papers. Long. (GREEN)

Environment and Archaeology. Butzer (JELINEK)

Chronologies in Old World Archaeology. Ehrich, editor (JELINEK)

Aboriginal Relationships between Culture and Plant Life in the Upper Great

Lakes Region. Yarnell (CLELAND)

Vol. 12, no 4 - December 1966 No Longer Available

James E Fitting, “Archaeological Investigations of the Carolinian-Canadian Edge Area in Michigan”

Gary A. Wright, “Eastern Edge Survey: 1965 Season”

Fel V. Brunett, “An Archaeological Survey of the Manistee River Basin : Sharon MI to Sherman MI”

Earl J. Prahl, “The Muskegon River Survey 1965 and 1966”

John D. Speth, “The Whorley Earthwork.”

Elizabeth M. Stern, “Using the IBM 7090 in the Classification of Ground Stone Tools.”

Arnold R. Pilling, “ Life at Porter Site 8, Midland County Michigan”

Vol. 13, no. 1 - March 1967 No Longer Available

Amos R Green, “ Paleo Indian and Mammoth were Contemporaneous in Berrian County, MI.”

Charles Frantz, “Excavation of Croton Dam Mound B (20 NE 112)

Earl J. Prahl, “Prehistoric Dogs of Michigan”


The Paleo –Indian Occupation of the Holcombe Beach by Fitting DeVisscher and Wahla (ROOSA)

Bones, Bodies and Disease by Wells (WILKINSON)

Indian Culture and European Trade Goods by Quimby (BROSE)

The Conservation and Preservation of Archaeological and Ethnological Specimens by Keel (HALSEY)

Late Paleo-Indian and Early Archaic Manifestations in Western Kentucky by Rolingson and Schwartz (WRIGHT)

Vol. 13, no 2 - June 1967 No Longer Available

David S. Brose, “The Custer Road Dump Site: An Exercise in Victorian Archaeology”

Davis S. Brose and Richard W. Rupp “An Appendix on Glass Bottles from the Custer Road Dump Site”

Vol. 13, no. 3 - September 1967

Tim C. Losey, "Toft Lake Village Site."

Norman Grigg and James B. Griffin, "A Copper Point from Presque Isle County, Michigan."

Donald Y. Peru, "The Distribution of Fluted Points in Cass County, Michigan."


Invitation to Archaeology, Deetz (WRIGHT).

The Oak Hill Horizon and its Relation to the Development of Five nations

Iroquois Culture, Lenig (LEE).

The Ontario Iroquois Tradition, Uright (McPHERRON).

Vol. 13, no. 4 - December 1967 Limited Inventory

David W. Taggart, "Seasonal Patterns in Settlement, Subsistence, and Industries in the Saginaw Late Archaic."

Robert L. Nall, "Those Late Corn Dates: Isotopic Fractionation as a Source of Error in Carbon-14 Dates."

Gary A. Wright, "Some Aspects of Early and Mid-seventeenth Century Exchange Networks in the Western Great Lakes."


An Introduction to American Archaeology, Willey (GROSSCUP).

The Potawatomi Indians of Southwestern Michigan, Claspy (WAKEFIELD).

Studies in Ohio Archaeology, edited by Pruler and McKenzie (FITTING).

The Laurel Tradition and the Middle Woodland Period, Wright (JANZEN).

Domebo: A Paleo-Indian Mammoth Kill in the Prarie-Plains, edited by Leonhardy (FRISON).

The Dumaw Greek Site: A Seventeenth Century Prehistoric Indian Village and Cemetery in Oceana County, Michigan, Quimby (PESKE).

Index to Volume 13.

Vol. 14, no. 3/4 - 1968

Stuart Struever and Gregory Pert, "The Meredosia Obsidian Core."

Tim C. Losey, "Excavation of the Mallon Mound B (20NE31), Newaygo County, Michigan."

Charles E. Cleland, "Analysis of the Fauna of the Indian Point Site on Isle Royale in Lake Superior."

Kraig Adler, "Turtles from Archaeological Sites in the Creat Lakes Region."

Gary A. Wright, "A Further Note on Trade Friendship and Gift Giving in the Western Great Lakes."

George I. Quimby, "Hawaiians and De Meurons in the Upper Great Lakes."


Three Prehistoric Iroquois Components in Eastern Ontario, by James F. Pendergast (PRATT).

The Juntunen Site and the late Woodland Prehistory of the Upper Great Lakes Area, by Alan McPherron (WRIGHT).

Vol. 15, no. 1/2 - 1969

Barry M. Mitchell, "Archaeology of the Petawnwa River: The Second Site at Montegomery Lake."

Barvey Franz, "Memorial, Amos R. Green, 1887-1968."

Vol. 15, no. 3 – 1969 No Longer Available

James E. Fitting and Susan Sasse, "The Hodges Site, 20SA130, Saginaw County, Michigan."

Charles E. Cleland and Richard Clute, "A Late Woodland burial from Muir, Ionia County, Michigan."

Richard I. Ford, "a Resistivity Survey at the Norton Mound Group, 20KT1, Kent County, Michigan."

Vol. 15, no. 4 – 1969

"The Sanilac Petroglyphs. A Report of the Sanilac Petroglyph Committee."

Donald V. Peru, "The Tolles Site."

Edward J. Hahla and Jerry DiVisscher, "The Holcombe Paleo-Point."

James E. Fitting, "Whither Archaeology? A Review of Some Recent Literature."

Alastair M. Heir, "Memorial, Donald R. Hagge, 1922-1968."

Vol. 16, no. 1 - 1970

Jerry DeVisscher and Edward J. Wahla, "Additional Paleo-Indian Campsites Adjacent to the Holcombe Site."

Glenval Fincham, "A Suggested Explanation for the Semi-Unmodified Base which Sometimes Occurs on the Eastern Scottsbluff."

Jerry Fairchild, "The Kralosky Site."

Paul H. Mikkola, "Physical Properties of Red Ocher."


The Riverton Culture: A Second Millennium Occupation in the Central Wabash Valley by Howard D. Winters (WRIGHT).

Vol. 16, no. 2- 1970

Ken Carstens, "The Lalone Slte, 20AR1, Arenac County, Michigan."

James E. Fitting, "Rediscovering Michigan Archaeology: The Gillman Collections at Harvard."

Vol. 16, no. 3/4 - 1970

               Beatrice A. Bigony, "Late Woodland Occupations of the Saginaw Valley."

Vol. 17, no. 1 – 1971 Limited Inventory

Bonald G. Cauble, "The Brainerd Site (20AE61): An Ossuary in Allegan County, Michigan."

M. J. Becker, "Human Skeletal Material from the Morin Site (20MO40), Monroe County, Michigan."

James E. Fitting, "Rediscovering Michigan Archaeology: Notes on the 1885 Converse Mound Collection."

Ira W. Butterfield, "The Sanilac Petroglyphs: An Archaeological Time Study."

William N. Beverly, "Memorial, Harvey G. Franz, 1889-1970.''


The Archaeology of Michigan: A Guide to the Prehistory of the Great Lakes Region, by James E. Fitting (FLANDERS).

Vol. 17, no. 2 - 3une 1971

William A. Lovis, "The Holz Site (20AN26), Antrim Co., Michigan: A Preliminary Report."

Ira W. Butterfield and James K. Fitting, "Archaeological Salvage at 20BY31, Bay Co., Michigan."

George B. Miller, "Time Expended for Archaeological Excavation vs. Technical Analysis of Artifacts from the Franklin Glass Works Site, Kent, Ohio."

Vol. 17, no. 3/4 - 1971

               Margaret Kimball Brown, "Glass from Fort Michilimackinac: A Classification for Eighteenth Century Glass."

Vol. 18, no. 1 - 1972

George S. Cole, "The Bannerstone as a Spear Weight."

M. J. Becker, "An Analysis of Skeletal Remains from an Ossuary at the Harris Yards Site (30WO1), Rossford, Ohio."

James B. Griffin, "An Old Copper Point from Chippewa County, Michigan."


The Burial Complexes of the Knight and Norton Mounds in Illinois and Michigan, by James B. Griffin, Richard E. Flanders, and Paul F. Titterington (BROWN).

The Prehistory of Salts Cave, Kentucky, by Patty Jo Watson (CLELAND).

The Woodland Indians of the Western Great Lakes, by Robert E. Ritzenthaler (ROGERS).

Vol. 18, no. 2 - 1972

Margaret B. Rogers, "The 46th Street Site and the Occurrence of Allegan Ware in Southwestern Michigan."


Geology of Michigan, by John A. Dorr (BALDWIN).

Prehistoric Biological Relationships in the Great Lakes Region, by Richard Guy Wilkinson (ADDINGTON).

Vol. 18, no. 3 - 1972

Kenneth C. Carstens, "Tobico (20BY32), A Late Woodland Site in Bay County, Michigan."


The Lasanen Site: An Historical Burial Locality in Mackinac County, Michigan by Charles E. Cleland (JELKS).

Vol. 18, no. 4 – 1972 No Longer Available

Charles E. Cleland, "The Matthews Site (20CL61), Clinton County, Michigan."

Donald B. Simons, "Radiocarbon Date from a Michigan Satchell-Type Site."

Leonard Kroon, "Notes on Ceramic Technology from the Weisner Site, Kent County, Ontario."

Richard I. Ford, "Salvaging Biological Remains from Archaeological Sites."

Vol. 19, no. 1/2 - l973 Limited Inventory

               David S. Brose and Patricia S. Essenpries, "A Report on a Preliminary Archaeological Survey of Monroe, Michigan."

Vol. 19, no. 3/4 – 1973 No Longer Available

               Carole S. Crumley, “The Kantzler Site (20BY30): A Multicomponent Woodland Site in Bay County, Michigan.”

Vol. 20, no. 2 – 1974 Limited Inventory

Earl J. Prahl, "The Morin Site (20MO40), Monroe County, Michigan."

Richard I. Ford, "Corn from the Straits of Mackinac."

Richard I. Ford and Volney N. Jones, "Job's Tears, Coix lachryma-jobi L., Beads from the West Ridge-Gibralter Site Southeastern Michigan."

Richard Drumm, "The Darrel Croomer Site, St. Joseph County, Michigan."

Vol. 20, no. 3/4 – September- December 1974 No Longer Available

               James E. Fitting, “Contributions to the Archaeology of the St. Ignace Area”

               1974 Membership List of the Michigan Archaeological Society

Vol. 21, no. 1 - March 1975

Terrance J. Martin, "Animal Remains from the Spoonville Site, 20OT1, Ottawa County, Michigan."

Deborah E. Bush, "A Ceramic Analysis of the Late Adena Buckmeyer Site, Perry County, Ohio."

James E. Fitting, "Climatic Change and Cultural Frontiers in Eastern North America."

Donald E. Weston, "Michigan Rock Art."

Vol. 21, no. 2 - 1975

Donald W. Foster, "A Unique Secondary Burial of Four Children found in Taymouth Township, Saginaw County, Michigan."

David S. Brose, "The Fisher Lake Site (20LU21), Multicomponent Occupations in Leelanau County, Michigan."

William A. Lovis, "The Eagle and the Factory System: A Re-evaluation of the Matthews Site Gun Parts."

James E. Fitting, "A Late 17th Century Burial from St. Ignace, Michigan."

James E. Fitting, "A Middle Historic Period Burial from St. Ignace, Michigan."


Fort Michilimackinac, 1715-1781: An Archaeological Perspective on the Revolutionary Frontier, by Lyle M. Stone (SULLIVAN).

Vol. 21, no. 3/4 - 1975

James E. Fitting, "Field School at the Young Site, 20SA209, Saginaw County, Michigan."

Paula F. Bienenfeld, "The Gilde Site: A Red Ochre Burial Site in Shiawassee County."

Donald E. Weston, "White Rock and the White River Site, 20HU39, Huron County, Michigan."

Vol. 22, no. 1 – 1976 Limited Availability

Doreen Ozker, "A Descriptive Report of the Surface Collections from Site 20MD28, Chippewa Nature Center, Midland County, Michigan."


Middle Mississippi Exploitation of Animal Populations, by Bruce D. Smith (GUILDAY).

Vol. 22, no 2/3 – September 1976 No Longer Available

James E. Fitting, “Archaeological Excavations at the Marquette Mission Site, St. Ignace, Michigan, in 1972”

Vol. 22, no. 4 - December 1976 No Longer Available

Doreen Ozker, "Sumac Bluff (20MD25): A Site on the Chippewa River in Midland."

Doreen Ozker, "The Naugle Site, 20MD30, Midland County, Michigan: Early Late Woodland and Late Archaic Components on a Pine River Site."

Doreen Ozker, "Heat Treatment of Bayport Chert."

Vol. 23, no. 1 – 1977

James Boylan, "An Analysis of a Fluted Projectile Point from Macomb County, Michigan."

James B. Griffin, "The 'Turtle Egg' Site (20GS526), Genessee County, Michigan."

William Lovis and Noroan Sauer, "Two Wayne Mortuary Complex Burials from South Central Michigan,"

C. S. Paddy Reid, "A U.S. Corps of Artillery Button from the Ermatinger Site, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario."

Vol. 23, no. 2/3 - June-Sept. 1977 No Longer Available

C. Stephan Demeter and William L. Lowery, "An Archaeological and Historical Investigation of the Berrien Spring Jail House Site."

Vol. 23, no. 4 - December 1977

Charles H. Martinez, "Archeological Investigations at the Daniel Broughton House, Franklin Village, Michigan."

Judith A. Hauser and William B. Wilkins, "A Study of the Nistoric Clay Pipes

Excavated on the Draper Park (AFB, 20SC40) and Fort Gratiot (AFD, 20SC41) Sites, Port Huron, Michigan."

Larry M. Wyckoff, "The Red Ocher Burials from the Gilde Site (20SE8)."


Firearms on the Frontier: Guns at Fort Michilimackinac. by T.M. Namilton.

The Powder Magazine at Fort Michilimackinac: Excavation Report by Donald P. Heldman and William L. Minnerly. (Stephen R. Claggett).

Vol. 24, no. 1 - 1978

A. L. Spooner, "Edward J. Wahla, 1899-1977."

Barbara E. Luedtke, "Late Woodland Projectile Points in Michigan."

David M. Stothers, "The Western Basin Tradition: Algonquin or Iroquois?"


The Princess Point Complex, by David M. Stothers (LOVIS).

Vol. 24, no. 2 - 1978

Harold W. Thompson, "An Archaeological Survey of the Tuscola State Game Area and Peripheral Public and Private Lands: 1974 Season."

James J. Krakker and Thomas K. Black III, "Analysis of Features at 20LE38:

A Late Archaic Early Woodland Site in southeastern Michigan."

Vol. 24, no. 3/4 - 1978

Alastair M. Weir, "Carl E. Holaquist, 1887-1977."

Christopher S. Peebles, "Of Archaeology and Archaeologists in Saginaw County, Michigan."

Kenneth C. Carstens, "Walter L. Schmidt, 1891-1978."

Vol. 25, no. 1/2 - 1979


William A. Lovis, "Part I: The Archaeology of 20LP98."

Norman J. Sauer, Melanie I. Guoerman and Dorothy N. VanBensch, "Part II: The Physical Anthropology of 20LP98."

Terrance J. Martin, "Appendix A: Unmodified Fauna from 20LP98."

Vol. 25, no. 3/4 - 1979

Ira W. Butterfield, "The Jahr Site (20TU6), Tuscola County, Michigan."


The Late Prehistory of the Lake Erie Drainage, by David S. Brose (WEIR).

Vol. 26, no. 1 - 1980

Robert G. Kingsley and Elizabeth B. Garland, "The DeBoer Site: A Late Allegan Phase Site in Allegan County, Michigan."

Vol. 26, no. 2 - June 1980

Deborah K. Rhead, "Archaeological Salvage at the Harris Homestead."


Early Man: Magazine of Modern Archaeology (BRASHLER).

Animal Resource Exploitation by Early Cahokia Populations on the Merrel tract, by Lucretia S. Kelly (MARTIN).

Vol. 26, no. 3/4 - 1980

THE SAND POINT SITE (20BG14), edited by Margaret B. Holman and Terrance J. Martin.

William M. Cremin, "The Sand Point (20BG14): A Lakes Phase Site on the Keweenaw Peninsula, Baraga County, Michigan."

Terrance J. Martin and Deborah K. Rhead, "Environment and Subsistence at Sand Point."

R. David Hoxie, "An Analysis of Late Woodland Copper Assemblage from the Sand Point Site, Baraga Gounty, Michigan."

Lawrence G. Dorothy, "The Ceramics of the Sand Point Site (20BG14), Baraga County, Michigan: A Preliminary Description."

Vol. 27, no. 1/2 - 1981

Larry M. Wyckoff, "The Physical Anthropology of the Sand Point Site (20BC14)"

William M. Mangold, "An Archaeological Survey of the Galien River Basin."

Vol. 27, no. 3/4 – 1981 Limited Inventory

Charles A. Hulse, "An Archaeological Evaluation of Fort St. Joseph (20BE23), Berrien County, Michigan."

Terrance J. Martin, "Animal Remains from the Gros Cap Site: An Evaluation of Fish Scales Versus Fish Bones in Assessing the Species Composition of an Archaeological Assemblage. "

Henry T. Wright, "A Fluted Point from the Muskegon Valley."

Vol. 28, no. 1/2 – 1982 Limited Inventory


Appendix A - History of Local Chapters by William Beverly, Ken Wilson, George W. Davis, Robert E. Naltiner, Ira W. Butterfield, Don Nays, Lawrence G. Dorothy, Donald B. Simons, Edward Petteys, Lois Wang, and Fel Brunett.

Vol. 28, no. 3 1982

Dehorah Rowland Sabo, "Preliminary Use-wear Analysis of a Michigan Chert."

Harold W. Thompson, "A Turkey Tail from the Stroebel Site (20SA14)."


Early Late Woodland Boundaries and Interaction: Indian Ceramics of Southern Lower Michigan, by Janet G. Brashler (MAINFORT).

Vol. 28, no. 4 - December 1982

Caven P. Clark, "Lithic Configurations and Raw Material Distribution at an Archaic Site in Central Lower Michigan."

Michael Shott, "Carmen Baggerly: An Appreciation."


The Snyders Mounds and Five Other Mound Groups in Calhoun County, Illinois, Braun, Griffin and Titterington (Kingsley).

Galena and Aboriginal Trade in Eastern North America, Walthall (Holman).

Vol. 29, no. 1/2 - 1983

David P. Latasi, "The Plank Road II Site (20MR210), Monroe County, Michigan."

Vol. 29, no. 3 - 1983

Vergil E. Noble, Jr., ''In Dire Straits: Subsistence Patterns at Mackinac."

Harold W. Thompson, "A Lanceolate Projectile Point and the Problem of Typological and Temporal Placement."

Vol, 29, no. 4 - 1983

David M. Srothers, James R. Graves, and Susan B. Conway, "The Weiser Site: A Sandusky Village in Transition."

John R. Halsey, "Hinsdale Mounds 1 and 3 (20WA29 and 20WA28): Vanished Wayne Mortuary Complex Sites in Washtenaw County, Michigan."


A Search for the Eighteenth Century Village at Michilimackinac: A Soil Resistivity Survey, by J. Mark Williams and Gary Shapiro (NOBLE).

Jesuit Rings from Fort Michilimackinac and Other European Contact Sites, by Judith Hauser (NOBLE).

Vol. 30, no. 1 - January-June 1984

Michael J. Shott and Paul D. Welch, "Archaeological Resources of the Thumb Area of Michigan."

Harold W. Thompson, "A Slate Procurement Station in Tuscola County, Michigan."

Vol. 30, no. 2 - June 1984

               James J. Krakker, "Investigations of a Small Late Prehistoric Site in St. Clair County, Michigan."

Vol. 30, no. 3/4 - September-December 1984

Daniel R. Campbell, "Prosperity and Power: The Success and Failure of Potawatomi Leadership in Michigan."

Lorena V. Martin, "A Chronological Index to the Publications of the Michigan Archaeological Society."


The Pokagans, 1683-l983, Catholic Potawatomi Indians of the St. Joseph River Valley,by James A. Clifton (HOLMAN).

Vol. 31, no. 1/2 - September-December 1985

Elizabeth B. Garland and James W. Cogswell, "The Powers Mastodon Site."

Daniel C. Ursum, "The Point Arcadia Site (20MT120).''

Harold W. Thompson, "A Ground Slate Bayonet from the Stroebel Site (20SA14)."

Vol. 31, no. 3 - September 1985

Barbara Mead and Robert G. Kingaley, "20IS46: A Late Archaic Cemetery in Iosco County, Michigan."

David A. Barondess and Norman J. Sauer, "Human Skeletal Remains from 20IS46: A Late Archaic Burial Locale from Eastern Michigan."

Vol. 31, no. 4 - December 1985

Beverley A. Smith, "The Use of Animals at the 17th Century Mission of St. Ignace."

John R. Steckley, "Finding a Home for Two Tribes."

Harold W. Thompson, "Postulated Evidence for a Tie-on Bannerstone from a Saginaw Valley Site."


Copper Artifacts in Late Eastern Woodlands Prehistory, by Claire Garber Goodman (HALSEY).

Vol. 32, no. 1/2 - January-June 1986

Caven P. Clark, " The Prehistory of the Birch Run Road Site, Saginaw County, Michigan," pp. 1-93.

Kathryn E. Parker, "Botanical Remains from the Birch Run Road Site," pp. 94-100.

Vol. 32, no. 3 - September 1986

Ira W. Butterfield, "Water Configurations in the Human Environment form the Main Algonquin to the Nipissing I Stages of the Great Lakes in the Saginaw Valley, Michigan."

Vol. 32, no. 4 - December 1986

David C. Anderson and Donald J. Weir, "Archaeological Testing at the Herman Farm Site (20BE189): An Example of the Utility of Controlled Surface Collection for Site Evaluation."

Scott G. Beld, "A Fluted Point Find, 20GR162, from Gratiot County, Michigan."

Harold H. Thompson, "Additional Slate Artifacts from the Bank of the Tittabawassee River, Saginaw County, Michigan."

Vol. 33, no. 1/2 - January-June 1987

ARCHAEOLOGY IN ANN ARBOR, Edited by Michael J. Shott.

Michael J. Shott, "Introduction to the Volume.".

Michael J. Shott, "20WA174: A Multicomponent Site in Ann Arbor, Michigan."

Margaret B.Holman (Compiler). Contributors: Caven P. Clark, Cathryn C. Egan, Philip J. Franz, Michael J. Hambacher, Margaret B. Holman, and Max Houck,

"Archaeological Excavations at 20WA176."

Vol. 33, no. 3 - September 1987

William M. Cremin and David G. DeFant, "The Indian and the Prairie: Prehistoric and Early Historic Utilization of Native Grassland Environments in Kalamazoo County, Michigan, with Emphasis on Gourd-Neck Prairie in Schoolcraft Township."

William M. Cremin and Dale W. Quattrin, "With an Addendum on the l986 Survey to Relocate the 1825 'Indian Village of Prairie Rhonde' in Prairie Rhonde Township."

Vol. 33, no. 4 - December 1987

Harold W. Thompson, "Sites and Artifacts from the Thumb Region of Michigan."

Barbara Mead, "Historic Preservation and the Michigan Archaeological Society."

Vol. 34, no. 1/2 - January-June 1988

Ira W. Butterfield, "Ralph W. Stroebel: The Last of Our Charter Members?"

Margaret B. Holman, Robert G. Kingsley, and James A. Robertson, "Archaeological Investigations at the Caseville Airport Site (20HU164) in Huron County, Michigan."

"News Release-Pothunter Convicted University of Pittsburgh."

Vol. 34, no. 3 - September 1988

Russel K. Skowronek, "Of Countermarks and Coins: The Earliest French Issues  in the New World."

"Desperately Seeking Siouans: The Distribution of Sandy Lake Ware." By the Participants of the Lake Superior Basin Workshop 1988.

Harold W. Thompson, "Additional Notes on Site 20TU91"

Dennis Michael Morrison, "A Red Ochre Find at 20IS8, Oscoda, Michigan."

Dorothy B. Sims, "Huron Valley Chapter Project Report: Museum Exhibit."


Indian Flints of Ohio, by Lar Hothem (ROBERTSON).

Stone Age Spear and Arrowheads of the Midcontinental and Eastern United States, by Noel D. Justice (ROBERTSON).

Vol. 34, no. 4 - December 1988

Michael J. Hambacher, "The Point Arcadia Site (20MT120), Manistee County, Michigan: A Preliminary Consideration of the Williams Collection."

Amy L. Campbell, "A Comparative Discussion of Lambrix and Deer Lick Creek Cherts."

Susan K. Bechtel, "The Thebes Cluster: New Perspective from Northwest Ohio."

Vol. 35, no. 1 - March 1989

Richard E. Flanders, 1931-1989.

Susan M. Branstner, editor, "The Upper Buff Creek Site: A Multicomponent Late Woodland Period Camp in Alcona County, Michigan."


Studies in Southwestern Ontario Archaeology William A. Pox, editor (Lovis).

Archaeological Consulting in Ontario: Papers of the London Conference 1985 William A. Fox, editor (Lovis).

Vol. 35, no. 2 - June 1989 Limited Inventory

Robert G. Kingaley, "On the Occurrence of Hacklander Ware in Michigan."

Caven P. Clark, "Plano Tradition Lithics from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan."

Vol. 35, no. 3/4 - July-December 1989

Earl J. Prahl, editor, "Excavations at the Trombley House (20BY70): A Settlement Period House Site in Bay City, Michigan."

Vol. 36, no. 1 - March 1990 Limited Inventory

Jeheskel Shoshani, Henry T. Wright, and Arnold B. Pilling, "Ecological Context of Two Early Archaic Projectile Points from Michigan: A LeCroy and a Kessell Point Recovered at 20OK394. "

William M. Cremin, Dale W. Quattrin, and Gregory R. Walz, "Recent Woodland Period Research in the Middle St. Joseph River Drainage of Southwest Michigan, with Emphasis on the Late Woodland Occupation of the Kline 1 Site (20SJ29) in St. Joseph County, Michigan."

Amy F. Steffian and John M. O'Shea, "Eighty Years of Michigan Archaeology: A Summary of the University of Michigan's Great Lakes Collections."


Indian Names in Michigan, by Virgil J. Vogel (BRANSTNER).

Caven P. Clark, "Obituary: Ronald 0. Kapp, 1935-1990."

Vol. 36, no. 2 - June 1990 No Longer Available

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