Members of the Michigan Archaeological Society (MAS) and its chapters will agree to the following:

Members of the Michigan Archaeological Society shall consider the  ethical obligations and the legal implications of the acquisition of objects of antiquity. The Society discourages purchase or sale of prehistoric and excavated historic artifacts except in relation to the protection and/or preservation of archaeological sites or artifacts.

The member of the MAS agrees to comply fully with all Federal, State and local laws relating to archaeological and historical sites and the preservation of antiquities.

The member of the MAS will respect the integrity and right to privacy of owners of private land including Indian lands, and strictly adhere to the stipulations, conditions, laws and customs of landowners when doing authorized archaeological work on their land.

The members will seek advice and consultation through the member's chapter for the proper disposition of artifacts, if arrangements with a repository have not been made prior to survey/excavation. Members are encouraged to arrange for artifacts to be curated into a permanent repository with the ability to properly conserve and preserve the material to be recovered archaeologically.

The members of the MAS will make all findings/discoveries known through oral presentation and publication so that all can benefit from the knowledge gained by the survey and/or excavation. At a minimum, members are encouraged to file a report with the State Archaeological Site File. It is important to remember that excavation destroys the site and the information therein. It is, therefore, imperative that the information be made available to the archaeological/historical community.

The member shall not conduct any archaeological surveys or excavations in the name of the Michigan Archaeological Society or any of its chapters.

The member will not represent him/herself to the public or any public or private agency as having professional credentials based on membership in the Michigan Archaeological Society or any of its chapters.

The society encourages each member to participate in educational opportunities (e.g. training, university classes, workshops, museum lectures and the like) to acquire and maintain currency of knowledge and familiarity with appropriate archaeological techniques.

Approved by the Executive Board of the Michigan Archaeological Society on February 17, 2019