The purpose of the MAS awards program is to recognize the important contributions members of the Michigan Archaeological Society have made in the practice and promotion of archaeology in Michigan.



Nominations are open for the following categories:


Student Award:  Designated for outstanding contributions to Michigan archaeological research by an undergraduate or graduate student.   Nominations must detail projects related to Michigan archaeology and will be accepted up to two years after graduation.


Volunteer Award:  Designated to volunteers who assist in archaeological research (field or lab) projects on a sustained basis.  Typically reserved to those assisting instead of leading archaeological research projects.


Distinguished Service Award:  Designated for significant contributions particularly to the function/operation of the Michigan Archaeological Society.  Typically reserved for long term board members or other types of significant service provided on behalf of the society (long term or otherwise).


Project Award:  Recognizes projects that make significant contributions to Michigan archaeological research by MAS volunteer members.


Merit Award:  Designated for sustained, outstanding, and significant contributions to Michigan archaeological research.  Typically reserved for members conducting long term projects or multiple projects over a long span of time (years to decades) related to Michigan archaeology.



Guidelines and criteria for nominations:

-Nominee must be an active member of the Michigan Archaeological Society.

-Nominations can be made by any MAS member in good standing.

-Personal nominations will not be accepted, except for the Project Award.

-Supporting documentation for any of the awards must be provided by the nominator.

-Nominations from two different MAS members are required for the Merit Award.

-Nominations must be received by March 1 and will be reviewed by the awards committee and referred to the MAS executive board for a vote. 

-Nominations must receive a simple majority of votes by the MAS executive board to receive an award.

-Current board members cannot nominate themselves and must recuse themselves from voting on their own nomination.

-The program committee reserves the right not to present an award in any given category for a given year.  However, multiple awards for a given category may be presented in the same year with the exception of the Merit Award that is limited to one per year unless extenuating circumstances are presented.


Revised nomination criteria and guidelines approved by MAS executive board on 03/31/2019.


To make a nomination, submit your nomination to committee chair Tim Bennett by email to tk_bennett@yahoo.com.