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The sole prerequisite for MAS membership is an active curiosity about the past. No technical knowledge is required. MAS members include professional archaeologists, amateur archaeologists, history buffs and people from a wide range of backgrounds who share an interest in knowing more about Michigan’s past. Exploring the archaeological record is a unique, fascinating, and extremely enjoyable way to learn about the past.

Professional archaeologists are trained as social scientists in anthropology, the study of people. There have never been, and never will be, enough professionals to research all of the thousands of archaeological sites and hundreds of thousands of artifacts that comprise Michigan’s archaeological record. Sites and artifacts are lost every day to new subdivisions, apartment complexes, shopping centers, gravel pits, sand mines – the list goes on. Amateur (also called avocational) archaeologists can learn how to be citizen scientists and make important contributions to archaeological research. Come join us and we’ll help you learn what you need to know.

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