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The Michigan Archaeological Society’s publication is called The Michigan Archaeologist.  It features site and artifact reports, articles and book reviews on prehistoric and historic archaeology by both professional and avocational archaeologist authors in approximately 100 published pages per year.  Membership in the Michigan Archaeological Society includes a subscription to The Michigan Archaeologist.

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The Michigan Archaeologist reviews and accepts manuscripts of interest to the professional and avocational archaeologists in Michigan and the surrounding states and provinces.  Reports and articles for publication, books for review, and book reviews are currently being accepted. For more information please contact the editor:

Michigan Archaeologist Editor: Dr. Mike Hambacher   

Email:   mjhambacher@att.net

Phone: 517-488-2501

To see the editor’s report which was presented at the 2018 annual meeting in April click here.

Please Note:  The Michigan Archaeologist fell a number of years behind in publication due to lack of material submitted for publication. A concerted effort over the past 18 months has brought in enough content to catch up all the overdue issues and publish a current volume for 2018.  An ambitious schedule of publication dates is in place for this year and two guest editors are assisting Dr. Hambacher.  We offer a big thank you to all the professional and avocational archaeologist authors who answered our appeal and sent us papers.  We do still need more submissions to build up our inventory of content for future years, so please keep sending us papers.

For Avocational Archaeologists:  Papers do not have to be long.  Short papers of 3 to 10 pages are needed to round out page counts when larger papers total less than 100 pages.  If you have never written a paper for publication, it is not as difficult as it might seem and there are experienced MAS member authors willing to help new writers. For new writers who are married, remember the old saying “Behind every successful person stands a supportive spouse and a surprised mother-in-law.”  Here is a chance to surprise your mother-in-law again by becoming a published author.